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The WELD RE3J Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt, public charity, established to encourage increased community involvement and investment in the schools of the RE3J School District.

The Foundation focuses on assisting the children in our community by supporting educational projects and events that are not be paid for or fully funded by the school district. The foundation maximizes its impact via the private dollars and in-kind donations that are brought into the effort, and through services provided by the foundation to the community, district and its students.

We strive to direct resources to improve the education effort through laser-focused initiatives in specific areas, such as teacher, principal and school grants, student scholarships, recognition of educational excellence, support of District initiatives, teacher classrooms, and other special projects.

The WELD RE3J Educational Foundation adds value, expertise and unique perspective to the solution; not by solely administering donor restricted projects, such as grants, scholarships, etc., but also obtaining and directing various resources where they may have maximum impact in the most critical areas.